Healthy School Habits For Your Teen

Healthy School Habits TeensBack to school time can be a stressful time for teens and parents alike. Help your teen start off the new school year succesfully, with the following tips:

Get emotionally ready Take some time before school starts to talk about the school year coming up and reaffirm with your teen that you are there to help, should they need it. Don’t assume your teen already knows this.

Set goals A new school year is a great time to re-examine school performance. This includes extra-curricular activities, too. Look back together at what worked the previous school year and what did not. Help him or her set doable goals and try not to over stress your teen – or yourself!

Help establish a healthy routine Many teens struggle with time management, especially if they are juggling after-school activities and/or part-time jobs on top of their school and home responsibilities. If your teen has trouble waking up for school, set an earlier bedtime. If your teen struggles to do homework, establish a designated homework area and time. Limit distractions during homework time, such as cell phone and other electronics use. Create rules that encourage healthy habits.

Show interest in your teen’s education – Talk openly to your teen about what’s happening at school on a daily basis. Ask about homework, projects, teachers, social activities, etc. Show him or her that you genuinely care. Give your teen a chance to bring up any concerns as well as a chance to share accomplishments. Teens with involved parents are more likely to get better grades, have a better attitude about school and have higher self-esteem.

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