Surviving the Christmas Crash

It’s that time between Christmas and New Year’s Day when the kids are all at home…a.k.a. the Christmas crash! The toys have been unwrapped and the kids are slowly coming down from the days-long sugar high.

Many parents work full time and many daycare facilities are closed between holidays. So for those parents that are off during the holiday break, they will get to spend all day, every day with their kids!

With so much together time, it’s easy for tempers to flare and kids to get testy. If you find yourself with a house full of antsy children, here are some tips for surviving the Christmas crash.

  • Stick to your regular schedule. Keep kids on track, even for meals and naps. It’s easy for things to go haywire without a regimented routine. And scheduled naps for kiddos means a downtime for parents.
  • Cook up a storm. There are plenty of kid-friendly recipes that can get the whole family involved. Let them help you stir and decorate. Studies show that kids are much more likely to eat healthy snacks if they help to prepare it.
  • Clean out the toy chest. With so many new toys around, it’s easy for things to become crowded. Make room for new gifts while teaching your kids about giving. Help little ones sort through old toys and clothes and select items to donate to charity. Then, let them go with you to make the donation.
  • Build a fort. With a sheet and some chairs, make a fun hideaway for the kiddos. Let them fill it with blankets and pillow. It’s a perfect place to watch movies and read books when the weather is dreary.
  • Go to the park. Better yet, pack a lunch. A picnic at the park is a fun deviation from the norm.  Don’t forget the sand toys and sweaters in case it gets chilly.
  • Hit the road. Pack some snacks and supplies and hop in the car. Take an impromptu trip to the beach or other favorite spot and take in the scenery.

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, a little preparation goes a long way.

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